5 Practical Ways to Maximize the Service Life of Heating Elements

5 Practical Ways to Maximize the Service Life of Heating Elements

Water heating elements produced by the top water heating element manufacturers in India are a part and parcel of many industries. Apart from it, they are used on a large scale in almost all types of residential settings. Like other tools and equipment used across different industrial operations, heaters and the heating elements inside them also call for proper care and maintenance. It is necessary because prolonged and durable performance can be expected from heating elements only when they are well taken care of.

Even in industrial settings, there is no dearth of plant and factory engineers who don’t pay much attention to the care and concerns related to the heaters being used for many processes and applications. They don’t act until the heaters fail for sure. When a heater fails completely in any type of industrial setting, it incurs heavy expenses. On the other hand, if they are taken care of well within an ideal timeframe, they keep performing well for longer durations.

As per the suggestions in the user manual provided by the best water heating elements suppliers in India, following a few simple guidelines and parameters, you not only can bring down the likelihood of so many heater-related issues but also improve their overall durability and performance.

This blog discusses some fail-proof tips and ideas to ensure the life of heating elements across devices and instruments.

Guard against heater contamination

Be it refrigerator heating elements or any other variants, contamination is considered to be the most prominent and frequent cause behind the untimely failures of heating devices and systems. Since almost all types of heaters contract and expand when in operation, they most often draw in different types of conducive or organic materials. This development can lead to an arcing failure between the electrically grounded outer sheath and heater windings. When permitted to collect at the lead end, the concerned contaminants cause an electrical short between terminals and power pins.

Therefore, in light of the same, it is crucial to keep the following materials completely out of contact as far as the lead end of the heater is concerned:

  • Lubricants
  • Oils
  • Low-temperature tapes, and
  • Different types of processing stuff.

Protection of leads and terminations from high temperatures as well as unreasonable movement

Standard fiberglass-protected lead wire might be utilized in applications with surrounding temperatures up to roughly 260°C (500°F). In case a lead is presented to higher temperatures, a high-temperature lead wire or ceramic bead makes perfect sense. An unheated part of the heater, expanding away from the heated region of the framework, empowers the prompts to run at a usefully cooler temperature. At the point when heaters are mounted in moving apparatus, it is vital to anchor the leads to keep them safe from damage. A lead protection option needs to be specified and utilized for ideal security against lead harm.

Always remain particular about heater selection and sizing

Be it the case of cooker heating elements or any kind of water heating elements, the selection and sizing matter a lot when it comes to ensuring overall performance and durability. The wattages of heaters need to be matched and measured very minutely in sync with the application so that the actual load requirements can be determined well, particularly to limit the ON/OFF cycling. When it comes to carrying out things for fitted part applications, you need to specify the hole or an optional feature size to make sure there is an optimal fit between the application feature and the concerned heating device. A tight fit not only reduces air gaps but also minimizes the instances of hot spotting.

Regulating voltage makes sure the rated heater voltage is in sync with the voltage supply

It is of immense significance to make sure that the rated voltage of the heating device is perfectly matching the available voltage supply. It is necessary because wattage either goes up or goes down at the square of the variations in the voltages that are applied to a heater. For an instance, in case a heater is rated for 120V/1000W with the connectivity to a 240V supply, then it will be destined to generate 4 times the rated wattage output (-+4000W). This scenario will cause the heating framework to fail relatively faster, and also can cause significant damage to the attached equipment.

Prevent excessive heater cycling

Unnecessary temperature cycling is a big hindrance to the service life of a heater. The most common detrimental factor is the cycle rate that permits full expansion and constriction of the heater resistance wire at a high rate. The pattern includes (30 to 60 seconds' power ON and power OFF). This causes extreme pressure and oxidation of the resistance wires inside a heater. An appropriate temperature cycle is generally found when thermostats are put into use. Thermostats often respond in a very slow manner to temperature changes and come with large switch ON/OFF temperature differentials. It is important to avoid switching the cycle time or the frequency too rapidly because they can result in the untimely wear-out of relay contact.

Concluding Remarks

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