Electrostatic Precipitator Heaters

ESP Hopper heaters

Hoppers are part of ESP and are located at the bottom of ESP. The function of hopper heater is to heat the hopper so as to
Prevents moisture to condensate from getting collected in it
Removes fly ash from precipitator

Hopper heaters can be provided with reflector plates for efficient heating in the hopper

ESP Shaft and Insulator heaters

Shaft and Insulator heater: These heaters are provided at the shaft and insulator to maintain the temperature above dew point i.e. between 80-120 deg C. If temperature falls below the range as as above there will be a continuous tracking of electrical field over the surface of insulator which will result into damage of insulator and non availability of field for collecting the fly ash.

The above heaters come with pressure die casted IP 55 terminal box. Custom made ESP heaters can also be provided

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