Household Appliances


Theeta manufactures large variety of heating elements for the Household Appliance industry. Whether its heating elements for Water Heaters, Cooking Range / Hot plates, Immersion rods, Irons, Theeta has been the preferred and go brand since the last few decades. Our quality, innovation, variety, volumes are highly appreciated by our customers.



Theeta manufactures custom made HVAC heating elements made out of SS or Incoloy tubes. Theeta, with its strong R&D, can custom design reliable and long lasting heating element based on air flow, controls, bank requirements, fin design and requirements etc. With Theeta, customer doesn’t only get product, but complete design R&D service.



Theeta over the last decade has built a strong foundation in the railways industry. With being almost non existent, to now occupying the number one position especially in LHB RMU and Metro HVAC Theeta has come a long way to strength its brand in the railways Industry. Theeta also has an RDSO approval for LHB heaters. Apart from HVAC Theeta’s Cooking Coils and water heaters are also regularly used in Pantries across the railways.


Oil & Gas

Theeta supplies LPG and CNG vaporiser heating elements to numerous LPG vaporiser manufacturers. These are heating elements used in Hazardous environments and are connected with Flameproof and Explosion proof terminal boxes.



Theeta has a strong presence in Refrigeration and Cold storage markets. These elements are as per IP67 standards with silicon/Neoprene/PVC moulded terminals and connected with cables. Applications include defrosting in Evaporators, Cold Storage and Commercial and domestic refrigerators.


Industrial Processes

Theeta manufactures custom made and standard heating elements used within industrial processes. The range includes Water heater elements used in boilers and large tanks, Air heaters used in air heating processes, Over the side heaters used to heat Chemicals etc.



Theeta manufacturers heating elements for numerous Commercial applications within hospitality indsutry largely used in commercial kitchens or various other cooking related applications. Some examples of these heaters are ones used in Coffee Vending machines, Steams and Saunas, Pizza makers, etc.

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