Commercial Refrigerator Defrost Heaters

These are heaters used within the refrigerators or cold storage rooms for the purpose of defrosting the ice.

These can be used for circulating the hot air for defrosting within the refrigerator or placed at the doors of commercial refrigerator or storage rooms to ensure smooth openings. These defrost heaters can also be placed around the blowers of compressors to remove frostings around the fans.

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The terminals of these heaters are sealed by moulding or shrink sleeve to avoid any moisture or water to seep in.

Tubing Stainless Steel, Incoloy
Fitment Moulded or shrink sleeve terminal ends
Wattage As per customers Specs
Voltage As per customers Specs
  • iconCold storage
  • iconCompressors
  • iconRefrigeration
  • iconHVAC
  • iconIndustrial and commercial Refrigerators
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