Washing Machines

Explore Theeta's superior-class Washing Machine Heating Elements tailored for offering an amazing heating experience and advanced features:

Trust Theeta for washing machine heating elements that prioritize safety, efficiency, and customization, setting the benchmark for advanced technology in the industry.

4.7 Rating Star 103 Reviews
Tubing Stainless Steel, Incoloy
Diameter 8mm
Wattage As per customer’s specifications
Fittings (if any) All necessary fittings are provided
Thermal Fuse Double / Single Fuse
NTC Fitment available
Single or Dual Thermal Fuse Options: Our elements come equipped with either single or dual thermal fuse options, enhancing safety protocols.
Innovative Safety Technology: The thermal fuse is designed to blow after a specified time if the washing machine operates without water—a technology unique to a select few international companies.
Proven Track Record: Theeta has successfully supplied over a million heaters with this advanced safety technology, showcasing our commitment to innovation and reliability.
Comprehensive Customization: Washing machines from Theeta can be supplied with additional components like NTC, washers, connecting plates, ensuring tailored solutions to meet specific customer requirements.


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