Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 10000 Nos (Also depends on Design and tool die availability)

Experience the superior design of Theeta's Electric Tandoor Heating Elements, tailored for high-temperature roasting needs:

Trust Theeta's Tandoor Heating Elements for exceptional quality and reliability, making them the preferred choice for tandoor companies seeking top-notch performance in their products.

Tubing Stainless Steel, Incoloy
Diameter 6.7mm / 8mm
Wattage As per customer’s specifications
Fittings (if any) As per customer’s specifications
High-Temperature Endurance: Specifically engineered to operate at elevated temperatures, catering to the demanding requirements of tandoor and roasting applications.
Reliability at its Core:  Theeta's each Electric Tandoor Heating Element is renowned for their reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in intense heat.
Preferred Choice for Tandoor Companies: Many leading tandoor manufacturers trust Theeta for their heating elements, a testament to the quality and reliability they offer.
Customized Solutions: Theeta provides tailor-made heating solutions to meet the unique specifications of tandoor applications.
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