Finned Heaters

Elevate your air heating systems with Theeta's Finned Heating Elements, designed for efficient performance in finned air heaters:

Trust Theeta for finned heaters’ elements that offer flexibility, efficiency, and customized solutions, making them the ideal choice for diverse air heating applications.

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Tubing Stainless Steel / Incoloy
Fins Shape Rectangular or Continuous
Fin Material Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminised Steel
Ferrules SS / MS
Wattages 250W to 10KW
Spiral or Rectangular Fin Options: Choose from spiral or rectangular finned configurations, providing versatility for various applications.
Fins in SS or MS: Fins are available in stainless steel (SS) or mild steel (MS), offering options to suit specific heating requirements.
Optimized Heat Transfer: Theeta ensures a robust contact surface between the heating element tube and fin, maximizing heat transfer efficiency.
Versatile Applications: Widely used in HVAC systems, air process heating, Resistive load banks (As Resistors), and more, showcasing their adaptability. also called Resistance for Load Banks
Customer-Centric R&D: Our R&D team collaborates closely with customers to design heaters tailored to their specific usage, ensuring optimal performance.
  • iconDehumidifiers
  • iconIndustrial convertor heaters,
  • iconHazardous Area Warmers
  • iconFlame proof fan heaters.
  • iconDehumidifiers
  • iconIndustrial washing machines
  • iconAir heating for dryer
  • iconAir heating for ovens
  • iconHeat treating,
  • iconAnnealing
  • iconLocalized uniform heating of areas
  • iconAir-conditioning
  • iconElectric Ovens
  • iconGases
  • iconHot Air Chambers
  • iconHvac
  • iconFurnace Heating
  • iconHeat Treatments
  • iconCoating
  • iconHospitality
  • iconOil And Gas.
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