Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 10000 Nos (Also depends on Design and tool die availability)

Experience the reliability and efficiency of Theeta's electric iron heating elements, meticulously designed for electric and steam irons:

Rely on Theeta's legacy of 40 years in supplying heating elements, making them an integral part of electric and steam irons that serve households across India with precision and dependability.

Tubing Aluminium / Copper Coated
Diameter 9.4 mm / 10 mm
Wattage 750 w/ 1000 w
Fittings (if any) With/ without screws
Proven Track Record: With a successful history spanning 40 years, Theeta has been a trusted supplier to major companies, ensuring quality and consistency.
Versatile Tube Options: Theeta's heating elements for electric and steam irons can be crafted from bundy or aluminium tubes, providing flexibility to meet diverse industry requirements.
Household Presence: As a key component in both electric and steam irons, Theeta's elements have found a place in almost every home across India, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of ironing appliances.
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