Flanged Immersion Heaters

These are type of low to medium capacity heating elements used to heat both gases and liquids in tanks or pressure vessels. In a flanged heating element single or multiple heating elements are brazed or welded on standard ANSI rated plates or custom made plates.


Tubing Copper, Incoloy, or various grades of SS.
Thermostat or thermocouple Can also be provided
Terminal box (enclosures) can also be provided in standard sizes or can be customized as per the requirements.
Wattage Range 1KW - 30KW
Flange/Plate Material MS, SS, Brass etc of varied thicknesses, shapes and sizes.
  • Chemical
  • Oil And Gas
  • Process
  • Petrochemical
  • Power
  • Heatt Reatment

All Heaters can be supplied with flameproof and weather proof terminals

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