The elements are made on fully and semi automatic machines imported from leading manufacturers of heating element equipment all over the world. This not only ensures quality but also helps in achieving high volumes.


sq ft Area

located near NH8 in Manesar, Haryana

Also wherever necessary, automatic processes have been incorporated at various stages of production. The plant is well equipped with machines for various processes and assemblies to produce the final heating element.



From the sample stage to the actual volume production, we at Theeta are committed to providing you with long lasting high quality heating elements. The engineering team at Theeta is backed by individuals having more than forty years of experience in the field of electric heating.


years of Experience

Using the latest 2D & 3D softwares, we have the capability to design the element according to customer’s requirement. Our sourcing team with their vast experience has a number of qualified vendors on the panel that help us develop and supply the machined parts and accessories for the element.

We are internally capable of developing fixtures and assemblies required for the heating elements. Some of the complicated fixtures are designed in house and sourced from various tool rooms.


Research & Development

Research and Development plays an important and strategic role but also a structured approach to creativity is used to stimulate innovation in the company. To fully expand the future value of our company, We are continually seeking out, testing and developing new ideas and concepts that will enable Theeta to serve and grow our markets in future years.


Research & Development

We are promoting R&D to create new products for new businesses as well as development of materials and other technologies that will come to serve as the common foundation for all divisions.

We at R&D make sure that our core business continues to be at the leading edge of technology. In addition to incremental research, a great deal of effort is expended on next generation processes and products. In certain instances breakthroughs are sought to fundamentally change the business.

The main projects undertaken for the benefit of the Business Units include the development of new and next generation products and solutions in areas of scaling, corrosion, design, target materials, alloys, coating and casting.

The projects are market-driven and focus both on the short and the longer term. In this respect, fine-tuning Theeta’s products to provide a perfect fit for the applications of our customers is an increasingly integral part of Theeta’s R&D effort.


Another area of focus is the development of the most appropriate industrial production in order to guarantee a high quality product made in a cost competitive way. More than ever, the successes of the businesses in our company are the result of a relentless pursuit of new, innovative solutions and developments.

Our R&D lab is well equipped to work on both new product developments as well improving our existing product range.

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