Coffee Vending machine

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1000 Nos (Also depends on Design and tool die availability)

Experience the flavor of perfectly brewed coffee with Theeta's coffee machine heating elements designed for coffee vending machines:

Savor the rich taste of coffee made possible by Theeta's Heating Elements, offering versatility, safety, and the perfect brew for your coffee moments.

Tubing Stainless Steel
Diameter 8mm
Wattage 1KW, 2KW
Fittings (if any) SS Plate / Ferrule
Tube Options: Crafted from premium materials such as Copper, SS, or Incoloy, ensuring durability and efficient heating for a delightful coffee experience.
Versatile Application: Whether at home or your favorite coffee spot, enjoy hot coffee brewed with precision, thanks to Theeta's heating elements.
Safety Assurance: These elements can be provided with a thermal fuse, ensuring safety by blowing if the machine operates without water, making coffee vending machines secure for use.
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