Air Heaters

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 50-100 Nos (Depending on size)

Elevate your air heating systems with Theeta's cutting-edge Heating Elements:

Tubing Incoloy 800 / SS 304, 321, 202/ Mild Steel
Brackets As per customer specs
Ferrule As per customer specs
Flanges As per customer specs
Material Excellence: Meticulously crafted from different SS grades or Incoloy tubes for superior performance.
Reliability Assurance: Designed for reliability, Theeta subjects its heating elements to rigorous life cycle tests at high temperatures.
Unmatched Performance: Our commitment to quality ensures that Theeta's heating elements for air heaters consistently deliver unmatched performance, whether utilizing stainless steel or Incoloy.
Endurance in Demanding Conditions: Even in the most challenging high-temperature conditions, Theeta's heating elements provide a consistent and reliable solution for air heaters.
Innovative Endurance: Trust in Theeta's innovation for heating elements that stand the test of time and temperature, providing enduring solutions for air heating systems.
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