Immersion Heaters

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 10000 Nos (Also depends on Design and tool die availability)

Experience the versatility of Theeta's Immersion Heaters, designed for a wide range of applications:

Trust Theeta for electric immersion water heaters that offer flexibility, reliability, and customization, making them the ideal choice for diverse industrial applications.

Tubing Copper / Incoloy
Diameter 8mm
Wattage As per customer’s specifications
Fittings (if any) With all necessary fittings
Multi-Application Use: These heaters are suitable for water, oil, and various other applications, showcasing their adaptability.
Diverse Tubing Options: Choose from a range of tubing materials such as Incoloy, Titanium, SS, and Copper, providing options to match specific application requirements.
Varied Flange Options: Select from different flange materials including Brass, MS, SS, ensuring compatibility with diverse industrial setups.
Customizable Solutions: Theeta's Immersion Heaters can be tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for various industrial processes.
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