Best Water Heating Elements for Accurate Temperatures

Best Water Heating Elements for Accurate Temperatures

Of all the heating elements, it is the water heating elements that has the most demand worldwide. It is because of the growing water needs for residential and commercial establishments, as well as the research and developing activities that lead to innovative products and advancements. It is the reason that the global water heater market size has crossed 30 billion USD in 2019 and to exceed 144 million units by 2026.

Water heating elements suppliers rising demand worldwide11

The demand for water heating elements suppliers worldwide is increasing every year. It is because of the rising awareness of the consumers towards advanced technologies to reduce utility bills. Also, due to the need for strictly adopting all the government policies of energy-efficient heating systems. Further, due to the increasing urbanization and growing industrialization in developing economies.

The water heating elements categorization

As per the product it is segmented as

  • Instant which includes electric and gas
  • Storage also includes electric and gas

As per application Residential uses

Commercial establishments that include

  • Educational institutions
  • Offices of all types
  • Government needs
  • Defense needs
  • Others

As per fuel

  • Electric 
  • The gas which includes natural gas & LPG

As per capacity

  • Below 30 liters
  • Above 400 liters
  • 30 to 100 liters
  • 100 – 250 liters
  • 250 – 400 liters

Working with water heating elements

Of the many types of heat transfer, for water heating elements, it is by convective heat transfer that occurs by the motion of the water or any liquid or gas. There are two types including

  • Free convection which occurs due to the fluid naturally flowing due to the heat gradients like the hot air rising above the cold air due to the  heat from the hot air transferring to the cold air pushing it down
  • Forced convention occurs by using an external force to accelerate the fluid flow, like using a fan or a stirrer to form movement in the water or liquid.

Water heating elements to provide precise temperatures

For many industrial purposes and some domestic uses, accurate temperatures of water or liquid are essential. Hence the water heating uses either the mechanical thermostats or digital controllers, which use thermocouples to get precise temperatures. For smaller water heating applications, mechanical thermostats are the best in terms of costs and accuracy. Additionally, RTDs or resistance temperature detects used for applications in cold conditions as thermocouples do not give accurate temperatures. It is essential to check the amperage availability before choosing water heater elements.

Ways to find the right water heating elements, suppliers

  • Check for the mandatory compliance of UI or the underwriters' laboratory safety standards.
  • Check if the heating elements are meeting the standards of NFPA 70, which is the National Electric Code. 
  • Choose only from manufacturers with experience and commitment to make only the best water heating elements.

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