Big Tank Immersion Heaters

These are type of high capacity heating bundles used to heat both gases and liquids in tanks. In Big tank Immersion heaters multiple heating elements are brazed/welded or screwed on large flange made out of MS or SS plates of varied thicknesses, shapes and sizes. These can also be bundles of screw or flanged heaters mounted on large plates making them one complete unit. Big tank heaters are typically custom designed depending on the functional requirements and fitments.

Flanged heater tubular elements can be made of our Copper, Incoloy, or vaious grades of SS. Thermostat or thermocouple provision can also be provided. Terminal box (enclosures) can also be custom provided. Connection in banks for single or three phase can also be provided

Theeta is well equipped design the big tank heaters for the customers. From 2d to 3d designs, to KW calculation, correct watt density, tube and flange selection etc can also be designed by Theeta engineers.

Typical wattage range 50KW – 1MW


Withdrawable type heater

Any immersion heater can be madewithdrawable type.


As shown tank doesn’t have to be emptied for maintenance breakdown.


Tubing Mild Steel, SS 304/ 316, Incoloy 800, Copper

 Mild Steel/ Stainless Steel in required dia and thickness

Connections  Bank or as per customer specs
Additional Fittings  Tie Rods, Baffles, Clamps etc 
  • Boilers and water heating
  • Laundry machines
  • Chemical heaters
  • Steam generators
  • Freeze protection
  • Heat transfer systems
  • Lube and fuel oil heating
  • Hydraulic and heat transfer oils
  • Water- Glycol solution heating
  • Oil And Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Heat Treatment
  • Power

All Heaters can be supplied with flameproof and weather proof protection


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