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Circulation / Skid Heaters

Circulation Heaters- also known as Inline Heaters are used where transitional heating is required while maintaining the flow rate . Circulation heaters are better than using external source such as heat exchangers as the losses are minimal because of direct heating.

Skid Heaters- In case the heating is required in stages using multiple vessels Skid heaters are used. In such a case the outlet of 1 vessel becomes inlet for the other. The number of vessels generally range from 2 to 8 vessels either placed horizontally or vertically.

With selection of KW ratings, sizes, terminal enclosures, sheath material, these Circulation and Skid heaters can be designed for wide range of heating mediums, tube or tank sizes, and temperatures.

Types From 1 vessel to 8 vessels
Vessel Custom made vessel with Inlet and Outlet Flanges
Mild Steel/ Stainless Steel in standard NB or custom dia and thickness.
Connections Bank or as per customer specs
Additional Fittings Baffles, Clamps etc




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