High Temperature Heaters

These are Heating elements used in application where temperature requirement is between 700 Degree C and 1000 Degree C. In such cases standard welded SS tubes cannot be used. Theeta can provide high temperature heaters out of Inconel® tubes, seamless tubes and high temperature Incoloy tubes.. The outer sheath of such tubes offers high temperature capabilities, reduced oxidation as well as corrosion resistance.


Tubing Incoloy 800 welded or seamless, Inconel 600 welded or seamless

 As per customers specs

  • High-temperature ovens and furnaces
  • Radiant heating
  • Drying
  • Process air heating: duct heaters, circulation heaters 
  • Furnance
  • Oil And Gas
  • Coating
  • Power

All Heaters can be supplied with flameproof and weather proof protection

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