Oil Immersion Heaters

These are heating elements designed to be used in Oils. Theeta has technical capability of designing the right element for oil heating oile, whether light, heavy oil, lubricant, quenching oil, edible oil etc. Flanged Oil Immersion Heaters are designed for installation into pipe body, tank or pressure vessel using standard pipe size. These heaters are available in available in wide selection of wattages, sizes and sheath materials suitable for the heating requirements of oil. Each element can be provided with a thermostat packed and painted metallic cap with a grommet for cable end.

Tubing Stainless Steel/ Mild Steel
Flange 2.1/2” B.S.P.P cast iron or Screw Plug
  • Heat light weight oils like petroleum
  • Heating medium body oils like industrial gear oil
  • Heat heavy viscous oils or fluid like syrup
  • Oil And Gas
  • Heat Treatment
  • Petrochemical
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